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About Us

Fast FX – What we do!

Fast FX is a remittance service provider that allow customers send money to friends and family living abroad from the comfort of their home and office using desktop computer, smartphone or tablet online and mobile app, offering distinctive quality service.

Our platform is a convenient and cheap alternative to traditional high street money transfer agents, our fees are cheap and affordable.

Remittance can be received as a cash pick-up or bank deposit in destination country.

Fast FX Vision - who we are!

We recognise globalisation means meeting customer need in real time and at an affordable cost delivering quality service. Fast FX chose to meet these needs by through state of the art financial technology solution that brings remittance to the fingertip of the customer, reducing risk and maintaining privacy.

Fast FX watertight solution allow customers to upload relevant document required for verification & compliance required by U.K regulators, therefore reducing excessive paper work as all documents are stored on our secured server online.

Our online and mobile app solution makes remittance; cheap, fast, secure and reliable, ensuring we maintain our simple three-step customer journey for a pleasurable experience.

Our aim is to get your remittance to your destination on time, fast, secured and in a reliable way through our distributors.